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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Bubblegum pink sweater set


I have been trying something new. After every project I try to use up the left over yarn for the next project. What this has done is make me hate bubblegum pink yarn ((smiles)). I still have a small ball left from the two sks I started with. Since I started this I will try to make pink and white bibs with what is left.

The pattern names I used from the link above are: Scalloped Bonnet, Mary Janes, Picot Lace sweater. All 3 are adapted. The Mary Janes I used the yarn instead of thread for the bow Mary Janes and just made a bow.

I thought the J hook and sport weight yarn would never work for a baby sweater. I was wrong....imagine that.

I wish for you a cool and lovely week full of Summer time food and fun...You know
I need this wished back its over a 100 here.


glor said...

Oh how sweet is this set. I love it and the little booties ... with the bows. I can just see a little one in this. What a wonderful job you do.

Marla said...

Hi Mimi,

This is so cute.... remember whatever you hate or think is ugly someone will be glad to have. Bows are really cute though a bit oversized LOL

Hey I have a couple of bib patterns on marlasnursery.com if you want to check out a new one or two!

Good luck!! The Wooleater square uses leftover yarn too and makes a great baby blanket- I'm working on one now.